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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a Melbourne Cup sweep?

Download the 2021 Melbourne Cup Sweep! Running a Melbourne Cup sweep is easy! Simply download our A4 printable Melbourne Cup sweep, cut out the horses and place them into a hat. Draw the horses out of a hat for each of your sweep entries, writing down the name of each entrant next to the horse on the left hand side of the sweep.

What are the prizes for a Cup sweep?

There are a number of prohibited prizes for a Cup Sweep, these include: tobacco products, firearms, ammunition, weapons, cosmetic surgery and, in New South Wales, liquor prizes amounting to more than 20 litres. It's important to note that ticket sales must not exceed $20,000 in NSW and prizes must not exceed $5,000 in Victoria.

What is the prize money for the Melbourne Cup?

The Melbourne Cup is the country’s most prestigious thoroughbred race and also the richest two-mile contest in the global racing calendar. This year the prize money on offer has shot up by once again, and it now stands at a handsome $8 million.

How much money do you get for Sweepstakes?

Sweep buy in amount $10 per person with 24 people buying in. Total prize pool of $240. Please note these percentages and amounts are only examples based on previous sweeps we have run.

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