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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Treasure Island coins & precious metals?

Treasure Island Coins & Precious Metals is a local and online coin dealer based in Fargo, North Dakota. Despite being a family owned and operated business, this Fargo coin dealer has grown to become the largest bullion dealer in the region. Honesty, transparency and competitive pricing are hallmarks of Treasure Island.

Does Treasure Island have bullion storage?

Treasure Island partners with Dakota Depository for secure and insured bullion storage. Metals held by you at Dakota Depository can be picked up or delivered to you at any time. It is also very easy to sell them back to us should the need arise.

Did Pirates bring silver coins to New England?

A handful of silver coins found in New England may have been brought there by one of the most famous pirates in history. The Arabian silver coins were found on Aquidneck Island, south of Providence, Massachusetts.

What were the treasures of the Norfolk hoard?

Among the treasures were Roman coins melted into jewelry and several gold discs called bracteates, one of which may depict the Norse god Odin. A number of gold coins and objects from the Norfolk hoard.

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