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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Metrolink tickets?

Buy your Metrolink tickets online and use them on the go with the Metrolink app. New! You can now buy tickets online that you can download and print! Already using the Metrolink app?

What is Metrolink's fare structure?

Metrolink's fare structure is based on a flat fee for boarding the train and an additional cost for distance with fares being calculated in 25-cent increments between stations. Metrolink tickets are valid fare for most connecting buses and trains; certain Metrolink tickets are valid on certain Amtrak routes.

How much does it cost to ride Metrobus?

Instead, MetroBus riders must display a valid pass or pay a reduced rate for each MetroBus boarding: $1.00 for full-fare customers | $0.50 for reduced-fare customers MetroLink – Valid fare is required for MetroLink. All passengers must have a valid ticket or pass while riding MetroLink.

How do I purchase the Metrolink 5-day flex pass?

Discounts apply for senior/disabled/Medicare (25 percent off) and students (10 percent off). It may not be purchased in advance. The 5-Day Flex Pass is available only on the Metrolink Mobile App. To purchase, riders choose their origin and destination stations, then select 5-Day Flex Pass from the ticket menu.

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