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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Metrolink internship?

The Metrolink Internship programs are a unique opportunity for current college students, recent grads and those enrolled in specialized program, to gain real world experience, work with industry leaders and exercise practical application of academic studies.

What is Metrolink?

Advancing the well-being of our riders, our communities, and our planet, one ride at a time. Metrolink is Southern California’s regional passenger rail service. As a leader in sustainable transportation and a force for equity and economic prosperity, we work hard every day to make our region more accessible by train.

How many boardings does Metrolink do a year?

Metrolink counts nearly 12 million annual boardings, removes an estimated 9.3 million vehicles from the road and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 130,000 metric tons with our fleet of Tier 4 clean technology locomotives each year. What's it like working at Metrolink?

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