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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a monthly MetroLink Pass?

Weekly Pass: System: $27.00: Monthly Pass: System: $78.00: Monthly Pass (Reduced Fare)* ...

Do Metrolink trains have Wi-Fi?

And now, for the first time in Metrolink's history, Metrolink has a test train equipped with Wi-Fi operating across its system until January 2, 2020. Metrolink is in the process of testing software and equipment, connectivity between railcars and signal strength across our 538-mile system. If you're riding the Wi-Fi test train, you'll see signs and hear announcements while you're on board the train.

Does Metrolink go to LAX?

Metrolink, in partnership with the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), will give you the option of adding the $9.75 cost of a one-way LAX FlyAway ® trip to the cost of your Metrolink ticket.

How much is the Metrolink?

The capital cost to build the initial phase of MetroLink was $465 million. Of that amount, $348 million was supplied by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Brand-new Siemens SD-400 unit on the then-newly opened MetroLink system in 1993.

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