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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Metro PCS?

How Do You Pay Your MetroPCS Phone Bill? … Labeled On the home page, navigate to the tab on the site labeled, “Manage & Pay”, located on both the top and bottom toolbars of the page. On the next page scroll down to find a link labeled, “Make a Payment” and select this link. The next page displays two text boxes designed for verification of the phone number that is due ...

How to contact MetroPCS?

Contact MetroPCS customer support at toll-free or accesibility phone number. Call or write an email to resolve MetroPCS issues: Payments and Charges, Product/ Service, Request for Information. Visit the company website or help center for more information.

Can You Pay Your Metro PCS bill with a check?

Can I pay my Metro PCS bill with my checking account?Aug 6, 2019AutoPay is the easiest way to pay your MetroPCS bill because it allows an automatic debit to ...

Does MetroPCS accept payment by check?

Users of this service can also pay by cash, check and debit or credit card at MetroPCS stores or at authorized payment centers, They can also mail payment to the main office.

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