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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Steel online?

Metals Depot® Buy Steel Online! Any Quantity, Any Size, Delivered! Buy Steel Online! Get Prices, Check Stock ... Place Orders Metals Depot is the America's Largest, small quantity supplier of Hot Rolled Structural Steel.

What is the price of 75x40 steel?

Structural Steel Description Weight (kg/ea) Length (mm) Price 75 X 40 STEEL CHANNEL GRADE 300 35.52 6000 $ 146.88 75 X 40 STEEL CHANNEL GRADE 300 53.28 9000 $ 220.32 75 X 40 STEEL CHANNEL GRADE 300 71.04 12000 $ 293.77 100 X 50 STEEL CHANNEL GRADE 300 49.98 6000 $ 206.67 16 more rows ...

How much does corrugated steel cost?

Per square metre, expect to pay about: $18 for basic corrugated steel (more suitable for a shed than a house) $21.50 for powder-coated Colorbond (the most popular choice) Colorbond Ultra costs about $36.50. It is recommended for coastal properties where salt water corrosion is an issue.

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