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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Taylor Swift sing I'm a mirrorball?

Though Swift sings, “I’m a mirrorball/I’ll show you every version of yourself tonight”, this only showcases that she is trying to show you only what you want to see. While her gaze is only on you, she is “Shining just for you”. This is how Swift needs to be so many versions of herself. The person that the public, her friends, and her family knows.

What does Mirrorball mean?

mirrorball Lyrics as written by Taylor A. Swift Jack Michael Antonoff General Comment “mirrorball” is a song about someone having many different sides to them. No one sees every side of the person, but only what they want to see.

What does Taylor say in verse 2 of Mirrorball?

In verse 2, she tells the subject of the song that he is different and caring unlike everyone else who enjoys seeing her perform but rejoices when she is in pain. She however, concludes that somehow, she has lost a sense of her natural self and is stuck at being a people pleaser. Taylor’s “Mirrorball” centers on a number of things.

Is Mirrorball a lyrical parallel?

In folklore, there are a lot of songs that reference each other, or lyrical parallels, and one of the ones I like is the entire song ‘this is me trying’ then being referenced again in ‘mirrorball.’ […] It also is the first time, and one of the only times, that the time that we’re living through is actually lyrically addressed.

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