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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect a modem to computer?

How Do I Connect My Computer To The Internet Using An Ethernet Cable? Your modem should have a yellow LAN port connected to the Ethernet cable. Your computer or laptop should have an Ethernet port connected to the other end of the Ethernet cable. If the Ethernet light is green, it means that the port you are using on your modem has been connected.

Does every computer have a modem?

Not necessarily, but most households have both modems and routers nowadays. That's because while you can plug your modem directly into your computer, it's not possible to use it with multiple devices unless it's a Wi-Fi modem or you've connected the modem to a router.

What does a computer modem look like?

The modem may look like a small box, and it sits inside your home with a cable leading to the service outside for cable, fixed wireless, satellite, or fiber internet. Alternately, you may see a phone line coming in if you have DSL service.

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