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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an MSDS book?

How to Put Together a MSDS/SDS Book or Folder 1 Take an Inventory First. The first step in building your SDS binder is to take inventory of all the chemical products and substances in use in your facility and acquire ... 2 Gather Your Safety Data Sheets. ... 3 Organize Your MSDS/SDS Book. ... 4 Include Other Pertinent Information. ...

How do I prepare a SDS for my company?

Have supervisors inventory all areas. Provide them with a form to record all chemicals found, the storage location, amount and end use. 4. Index all existing SDS by department 5. Send a letter to all suppliers requesting current SDS for all products they provide your company. Keep a checklist to ensure they are received. 6.

How do I organize my SDSS?

If you have only a handful of SDSs, it may be best simply to organize them alphabetically by common name, but the more you have, the more important it is to index them to make it easier to find a particular one in a stressful situation. To create your index, sort your spreadsheets into in alphabetical order by product name.

How do I find chemical SDS?

The system should provide a means to easily find and sort SDS by Product Name, Department and usage. OSHA requires that a backup method be available in the event of power outages or electronic equipment failure. Currently there are no chemical SDS databases that have all chemicals from all suppliers.

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