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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Drug Strategy survey?

This is the 13th in a series of surveys auspices by the National Drug Strategy (and its predecessors) and the 8th to be conducted by the AIHW. It is a national household survey of non-institutionalised persons aged 14 years and over. There were 22,272 completed responses in 2019. Fieldwork was conducted by Roy Morgan Research.

What is the NDSHS survey?

The 2019 NDSHS survey was the 13th conducted under the National Drug Strategy. The survey was first undertaken in 1985 and has been undertaken every 3 years since 1995. The data collected through these surveys have contributed to the development of policies for Australia’s response to drug-related issues.

What is the voting intention in Morgan poll NSW?

MORGAN POLL NSW Voting Intention: ALP 52% cf. L-NP 48% with State Election approaching in March 2023 Learn more Latest Morgan Poll Release Two Party Preferred Voting Intention

Why are there two questions in the 2019 survey?

In the 2019 survey, the decision was made to trial a different presentation of two questions in the online form, where space is not an issue, to assess whether it would have an impact on how people respond to the questions.

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