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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Network Rail Consulting?

Welcome to Network Rail Consulting. Network Rail Consulting is an international rail consultancy, offering unrivalled expertise in getting more out of legacy infrastructure, operating in a closely monitored market and continuously upgrading an active, heavily-used rail system. What makes us different from other consultants is...

How does Network Rail Consulting add value to rail improvement projects?

By sharing our knowledge and expertise with international clients, our project teams also gain valuable international experience and insight that they can bring back with them to Britain’s railway. See the Network Rail Consulting website for global project case studies and information on how it adds value to rail improvement projects.

What is the operation of railway infrastructure in Britain?

In Britain, the operation of railway infrastructure is separated from the operation of train services - Network Rail owns and operates Britain’s railway infrastructure. Our railway network is heavily used by 28 train-operating companies and 7 freight-operating companies - the most open railway in the world.

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