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Did the Indianapolis Colts make a trade on roster cut-down day?

The Indianapolis Colts have made a trade on roster cut-down day. Indianapolis has traded a 2022 6th-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for OT/OG Matt Pryor plus a 2022 7th-round selection. Good news: The Indianapolis Colts won all three preseason games.

What was the Colts run game like in 2021?

For much of Frank Reich ’s tenure as Colts head coach, the run game was the backbone of the team’s offense. That was perhaps best on display in 2021, when running back Jonathan Taylor led the league with 1,811 rushing yards and 18 rushing touchdowns — though two bad losses at the end of the season [more]

How many cornerbacks did the Colts have in 2022?

The Colts only have three cornerbacks who played at all during the 2022 season currently on their roster, and one of those cornerbacks, Dallis Flowers, was an undrafted rookie who mostly played special teams.

Should the Indianapolis Colts move on from one of their best players?

One NFL analyst makes the case for the Indianapolis Colts to move on from one of their best players this offseason in a blockbuster trade. NFL offseasons can be really unpredictable. Disaster might strike twice for the Indianapolis Colts with their head coaching hiring process.

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