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Should the Indianapolis Colts move on from one of their best players?

One NFL analyst makes the case for the Indianapolis Colts to move on from one of their best players this offseason in a blockbuster trade. NFL offseasons can be really unpredictable. Disaster might strike twice for the Indianapolis Colts with their head coaching hiring process.

Did the Indianapolis Colts make a trade on roster cut-down day?

The Indianapolis Colts have made a trade on roster cut-down day. Indianapolis has traded a 2022 6th-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for OT/OG Matt Pryor plus a 2022 7th-round selection. Good news: The Indianapolis Colts won all three preseason games.

Why are the Colts at No 1?

We made a list of potential landing spots for Jackson and we have the Colts at No. 1 because it feels like a move that makes too much sense. The Colts need a QB, they have the cap space and they would become the instant favorite in the AFC South if they added Jackson, which are all reasons why this might be a move that they eventually make.

Is Colts owner Jim Irsay afraid of splashy moves?

Colts owner Jim Irsay isn't afraid of making splashy moves. This team has acquired Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz over the past four years. Although none of those moves worked out, none of those players were in their prime when they got to Indy, which is where Jackson is.

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