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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use nomorobo on Spectrum Voice?

If you’re a residential Spectrum Voice customer, you can use the Nomorobo voice feature at no additional cost on their landlines. This feature can screen and block incoming calls, such as illegal robocalls and any other type of unwanted calls. Yes, that includes those pesky telemarketing calls too!

How many calls does nomorobo block?

Nomorobo blocked so many calls, and you could add numbers as needed. Call guard only blocks the 25 your allowed by Spectrum. Why change from something that was working so well? Nomorobo, only allowed the scam calls to ring one time, now all the calls come through as normal 4-6 ring calls and they leave a message.

How do I add a simultaneous ring to my nomorobo number?

Click the Settings tab. 4. Under Call Forwarding, click the Simultaneous Ring tab. 5. Turn Simultaneous Ring On. 6. Enter the Nomorobo Number, and click Add to Simultaneous Ring List. 7. Click Save Changes. 8. After you've completed those steps, go back to your Nomorobo Account. Go to Your Phones and click Test next to your number.

How does nomorobo work on landlines?

How does it work on Landlines? Nomorobo for landlines uses a feature known as "Simultaneous Ring". When simultaneous ring is enabled, your phone will ring on more than one number at the same time. The first device to pick it up gets the call and the other phones stop ringing.

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