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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fossil Island Wyvern?

search Fossil Island Wyverns are a Slayer Monster requiring 66 Slayer to kill, 60 Combat, as well as the completion of the quests Elemental Workshop and Bone Voyage to be assigned as a slayer task. Wyverns often use the icy breath attack dealing large damage and reducing stats if a protective shield is not equipped.

How to beat ancient wyvern slayer?

The best strategy to do the ancient wyvern slayer task is using melee. The optimal tactic is to maximize your defense against their ranging attacks and use the protection from melee prayer to tank those attacks. Of course, you will need an ancient wyvern shield or Dragonfire shield to tank the icy breath attacks of the ancient wyverns.

What happens if you don't get a fossil Island wyvern slayer assignment?

If a player attempts to attack the wyverns in the northern cave without a Fossil Island wyvern slayer assignment, Weve ( Steve 's son) will stop them from doing so. From the appearance of both caves, it is clear that dragonkin have previously inhabited the area.

How do you kill a wyvern?

Attack with only melee and Ice breath, so it is recommended to either range with an Ancient wyvern shield or melee with protect from melee active. The Ancient Wyvern resembles the Long-tailed wyvern, but seems to be a stronger variant, requiring 82 slayer to kill, although it can only be killed on a fossil island wyvern slayer task.

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