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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parking rates?

Parking Options and Rates Rate per 24 Hrs ; Premium Reserved Parking (Garage Level 2) $55 ; Daily Garage Parking (Garage Levels 2 and 3) $35 ; Hourly Garage Parking (Garage Level 2-5) $5 per hour: $35 ; Lot E $5 per hour: $21 ; Long-Term Economy Parking Free shuttle service is provided to the terminals. $10

What kind of parking?

Parking technologySensors. Most new cars come with reversing sensors now, and many come with sensors on the front bumpers and sides.Cameras. Many cars now have reversing cameras. ...Assisted parking. These systems mostly work on parallel parking, although some will do perpendicular parking, too. ...Autonomous parking. ...Automated parking. ...

Is parking available at Hotel?

There is no parking at the Hotel itself but there is a municipal garage that they use and it is just outside the back entrance to the hotel. The cost was 10 euro per day and I know we had the option to go in and out multiple times a day with out extra fees Problem with this answer? No, there's no parking at the hotel itself.

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