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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact MetroPCS?

Contact MetroPCS customer support at toll-free or accesibility phone number. Call or write an email to resolve MetroPCS issues: Payments and Charges, Product/ Service, Request for Information. Visit the company website or help center for more information.

How do I pay my Metro PCS phone bill?

Metro PCS payments can be made online through their Express Pay Option. Just head over to and click on their Manage & Pay option. You can use the express mode or you can login in to your metro pcs customer account to pay the bill.

Can I get the phone number to MetroPCS?

The direct line to MetroPCS customer service is 888-863-8768 (888-8metro8 ) or you can simply dial 611 from your MetroPCS phone. Click to see full answer. In this way, what is Metro PCS phone number? By calling 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768) Additionally, how do I activate a MetroPCS phone?

Is MetroPCS customer service 24 hours number?

You can call a customer service of MetroPCS representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The contact number you want to call to reach customer service is 888-863-8768 OR *611 from your Metro® by T-Mobile phone. The contact number you wan to reach rebates customer service is 1-800-999-6389

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