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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Japan's largest pension fund losing money?

Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund — the world's largest — reported a fourth consecutive quarterly loss on Friday, taking it to its longest losing streak in 20 years. The world's largest pension fund saw a 0.97% loss on its investments in the last three months of 2022, equating to 1.85 trillion yen ($14.3 billion).

What happened to the government pension fund global?

The Government Pension Fund Global's biggest losses came from the fund's holding in equities and fixed-income investments which saw returns of -15.3% and -12.1% respectively. It was the fund's worst performance in 14 years -- but it was in line with global stock markets which also suffered their worst year since 2008.

What was the GPIF's biggest loss?

The GPIF said Friday that its biggest loss was via its foreign bond holdings, which fell 5.3%, while domestic bonds investments were down 1.7%. It managed to gain 3.2% on its domestic stocks portfolio, although its investments in foreign stocks fell slightly.

How did Japan's States Retirement fund perform in the third quarter?

© Keizo Mori/UPI The third quarter performance of Japan's states retirement fund was hit by falling bond prices and U.S. dollar strength resulting in it posting its fourth-straight negative quarterly return. File photo by Keizo Mori/UPI.

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