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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Perry Mason season 2 coming out?

Perry Mason Season 2 will come out in February 2023, HBO’s tweet revealed. It also came with the teaser caption, “Back on the case.” Matthew Rhys ( The Americans) stars as the titular detective turned defense attorney in the crime drama, a reboot of the 1957 series.

What is the plot of Perry Mason Season 2?

Season 2 of Perry Mason takes place months after the end of the Dodson trial. Perry (Matthew Rhys) has moved off the farm, ditched the milk truck, he’s even traded his leather jacket for a pressed suit.

What is the plot of Perry Mason?

The whole narrative of the story goes around a defense lawyer named Perry Mason. In 1930, the entire US had suffered from a tremendous economic depression, but at the same time, Los Angel was overgrown. In the same scenario, he divorced from her wife and struggled to get over that trauma after the great war.

Who stars in Perry Mason?

Perry Mason (Raymond Burr), along with associates Della Street (Barbara Hale), Paul Drake, Jr. (William Katt) and Ken Malansky (William R. Moses), investigates all manner of mysteries to clear the names of the innocent and bring justice to the guilty.

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