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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Perth Mint gold bars?

These 1 oz Perth Mint Gold Bars have security and verification features that provide you with peace of mind. Each bar is available with an individual serial number on the assay card, verifying the authenticity of your product. The CertiCard security features ensure that your product arrives in the condition promised in this product listing.

Where can I buy bullion in Perth?

Whether an avid coin collector or a fan of a franchise, The Perth Mint can satisfy your collector needs. Buy gold, silver and platinum bullion coins, bars, digital gold and storage products from the mint that manufactures and has a government guarantee. Where can you store bullion? Does investing in silver stack up?

What is the Perth Mint known for?

The Perth Mint is a popular tourist destination, with over 300,000 visitors per year. Some of the most notable Perth Mint products are the Gold Nugget coins, Kookaburra coins, Swans coins, Koala coins, and Wedge-tailed Eagle coins. The Perth Mint is also responsible for producing the Australian Lunar Series bullion coins.

What is the oldest coin mint in Australia?

Australias Perth Mint is the continents oldest operating facility. Originally founded as part of the Royal Mint system during British colonial rule, the Perth Mint was handed over to the government of Western Australia and is not affiliated with the federal governments Royal Australian Mint.

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