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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Perth Mint gold ETF?

Refer to the ETF’s PDS and the ASX website for up-to-date information. The Perth Mint Gold ETF (ASX: PMGOLD) is one of Australia’s largest gold ETFs. However, it’s a unique ETF because it does not provide direct exposure to gold bars stored in a fault — it’s more like a derivative contract, backed by the West Australian government.

What is the Perth Mint?

The Perth Mint is exactly what it says on the tin -- a store and exchange of gold bullion (aka bars) and related products. As of 2019, the Perth-based Mint distributed some $18 billion of gold, silver and platinum to customers in over 100 countries. The Perth Mint offers just one ASX ETF which trades with the ticker symbol PMGOLD.

What are the dividends for Perth Mint (pmgold)?

The nature of the consolidated entity's operations is the supply of precious metal related products and services. + Security prices are delayed by at least 20 minutes and are indicative only. There are no dividends for Perth Mint (PMGOLD). Please use our Upcoming Dividends tool to search for dividends across all ASX-listed securities.

What is the pmgold ASX ETF?

The ETF gives investors the ability to purchase Government-backed gold via the ASX, rather than holding physical bars themselves. What about MNRS & GDX? Aren’t they gold ETFs? What does the PMGOLD ASX ETF invest in? What do investors use the PMGOLD ETF for? The Best ETF in Australia? ETF share prices are updated using end of day data from the ASX.

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