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Frequently Asked Questions

How to give your dog a haircut at home?

How To Give Your Dog A Haircut At Home? Make your shaving easier by getting started. The clippers should move from your dog’s shoulder blades up to the tail while your dog is shaving. Using the same direction, clip your dog’s sides, belly, chest, and legs. As the clippers move in your dog’s direction from shoulder to hip, shave his legs.

Is your pet safe at the groomer?

Yes, there is always the risk of an accident, even with the most experienced groomer. Good groomers treat their client’s pet like they were their own, and when an accident does happen it is probably more upsetting for your groomer than for you. The last person who wants to see your dog hurt is your groomer.

How to start a mobile dog grooming salon?

Start a mobile dog grooming business by following these 10 steps: Plan your Mobile Dog Grooming Business. Form your Mobile Dog Grooming Business into a Legal Entity. Register your Mobile Dog Grooming Business for Taxes. Open a Business Bank Account & Credit Card. Set up Accounting for your Mobile Dog Grooming Business.

Do you want to become a pet groomer?

Try grooming your friends’ pets to get your practice in. Certification certainly isn’t required, but if you’re hoping to become a successful groomer, you’ll want to work toward this. Check in with the National Certified Groomer Association and the National Certified Master Groomer Association.

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