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Frequently Asked Questions

Which pink gemstones are actually natural?

Pink Spinel are beautiful, bright pastel-pink gemstones from Mahenge in Tanzania’s Morogoro Region, an acclaimed deposit for this rare, natural gemstone. One of the gem industry’s best kept secrets, this beautiful gemstone’s public recognition and market impact is limited by Pink Spinel’s low production. Hardness 8.

What type of gem stones is pink?

Which Gemstones are Pink? Pink Diamonds – Expensive though exquisite. Radiated pink diamonds are cheaper. Pink Sapphires – A Pink Sapphire is the next best alternative to a Pink Diamond because of its hardness.; Morganite – The Pink to Orange-Pink variety of beryl, a mineral that includes emerald and aquamarine.; Kunzite – The light Pink to Violet Purplish variety of the mineral spodumene.

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