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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Mount PS1 games on PS3 CFW?

First of all, I would recommend using webMAN MOD to mount and manage your PS1 games on PS3 CFW. Second, I'd advise downloading and installing DAEMON Tools Lite as well as ImgBurn - both are free programs. DAEMON Tools will allow you to mount image files on virtual disc drives.

Does CFW Rebug work with PSP games?

Yes, the PSP ISO folder used by mm / mm and other managers, iso copying elsewhere makes the game not visible in xmb for wmm. Please bare with me this is my first time. I've managed to change my PS3 Slim firmware to CFW Rebug. Now I've been able to play PS1 and PSN games, but I cannot seem to load PS2, PSP and PS3 games.

How do I get Sega cue on my PS3?

I use an old app called Sega CUE Maker. Also make sure you refresh the files under the Retro Column as they don't show up in the PS3 section. ayassinsayed likes this. Create a PSXISO folder on the root of your USB and place the BIN / CUE there if you want to play from your USB and conserve disc space.

Is there a way to Mount PS2 and PS3 games as ISO?

Now that Cobra is enabled, all ps2 & ps3 games as ISO can be mounted by webMAN-MOD, multiman or Managunz & launched from the disc icon. No need for ps2 classic placeholder btw.

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