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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better PS2 or PS3?

PS2 from my experience is slightly better. PS3 really though only game I absolutely had issues with on a PS1 disc was Medal of Honor. I tried it on two different PS3's one of which was a launch 60gb PS3 and other a Super Slim PS3. Pretty much sound would cut out during the start of a stage.

What can a PS2 do?

The PlayStation 2 (PS2) can play DVDs from your region without any special equipment. You can control the DVD by using your PS2 controller, or by using a PS2 DVD remote. If you can't play movies because of the parental control settings, you can disable them by entering a special passcode. Part 1

How much is a PS2 worth?

This restricted version model of the PS2 Slim can promote for something as much as $260 used if it comes with a field or a bundle of video games. Sealed variations have bought at $799 and above. The value tends to go up additional if the console is a part of a bundle.

Does PS2 have Internet?

There is no Wi-Fi support in any PS2. To use wireless Internet with the PS2, you must use a third-party Ethernet bridge. The Ethernet bridge connects to your Ethernet port/network adapter and transmits the signal to your wireless router. Turn the PS2 off and unplug it from its electrical outlet.

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