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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PS2 Classic GUI?

Creator of PS2 Classic pkg file, support CFW, and HAN. Play your PS2 games on PS3 PS2Classic GUI is a front-end for the recently released PS2Classic tool developed by psdev-net team. The tool allows to decrypt PS2 Classics for PS3 and encrypt any PS2 to play on PS3 (fat/slim/superslim).

How do I configure PS2 Classic on PC?

Posted the pack of CONFIG files that has been updated in the other thread. Just install that, then rename the two files to match. Then mount with webMAN and play. The CONFIG auto loads. Or it can be easier to just make a PKG as the latest PS2 Classic app for PC will prompt you to do so upon creation.

Is it possible to encrypt a file using PS2 Classics GUI?

I encrypted it to the Iso.bin.enc format using PS2 Classics GUI and was ready to make it into a PKG file. But after I opened it using PS2 Classics GUI it asked for a config file.

Do PS2 games need ISO files?

With PS2 games, you’ll notice that more often than not you’ll get a CUE and BIN file. PCSX2 and a few other emulators don’t actually need an ISO file anymore and it’s a holdover for those that want to burn a physical disc rather than play digitally. However, to make a PKG file you’re going to need those ISOs.

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