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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alternative to ps3xploit for CFW?

(This modified OFW (installable on all consoles) brings back the hole utilized by PS3Xploit in 4.82 OFW and later in 4.84 (HFW) for CFW or PS3HEN installations (depends on your model, if your model can handle CFW go that route if not then PS3HEN is a suitable alternative, not as feature rich as CFW but has many CFW features.)

How many CFW categories are there on PS4?

Custom Firmware (CFW) Categories PlayStation 1 (PS1)26 PlayStation 2 (PS2)238 PlayStation 3 (PS3)197 Tools47 CFW10 Homebrew Apps22 Homebrew Games38 Plugins10 Emulators11 XMB Mods29 PlayStation 4 (PS4)80 PlayStation Portable (PSP)93 PS Vita / PlayStation TV367 Top Resources PS34.85 SPY + Cobra v8.01 Custom Firmware

What are some of the best custom firmware for the CFW?

PS34.84 Custom Firmware (CEX/DEX/REX/noBD/Dualboot) REBUG / Starbuged / FERROX / OVERFLOW / Littlebalup are some of the favors of 4.84 CFW - by STLcardsWS

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