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Frequently Asked Questions

Which PS3 models can be hacked?

All Playstation 3 models can be hacked. Spoiler: There are two hacks available. Why are there two hacks? CFW can be installed ONLY on older models. HEN was made for models that can not install CFW. Spoiler: CFW is better... How do I know which hack to use? This depends on which type of PS3 you are hacking.

What is the best CFW hack for PS3?

if you want a permanent CFW the models which can run 3.56 listed below are what you should look for is the firmware 3.56. as its the golden firmware. if you are on higher you can use the HAN hack. if you need a guide this is a good place to start. if you have one of the newer model PS3's you can install the HAN exploit.

Can ps3xploit run on PS3?

The PS3Xploit team, along with Joonie (of Rebug fame), have managed to make the PS3Xploit hack run on the latest PS3 firmware 4.84, through a clever modification of the official firmware. It was disclosed when 4.83 was released that the underlying kernel hack was still alive, but the Webkit entry point had been patched by Sony’s official update.

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