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Frequently Asked Questions

What does per quarter mean?

In business and finance, "a quarter" refers to a quarter of the year, i.e. three months. This is because lots of businesses plan on a quarterly basis and release financial reports every quarter. A quarter is equivalent to 3 months, or a quarter of a year. · 1 yr. ago 🏴‍☠️ - [Pirate] Yaaar Matey!!

What is 50 State Quarters?

The 50 State quarters (authorized by Pub.L. 105–124 (text) (PDF), 111 Stat. 2534, enacted December 1, 1997) was a series of circulating commemorative quarters released by the United States Mint. Minted from 1999 through 2008, they featured unique designs for each of the 50 US states on the reverse .

What is the end of a quarter?

In a calendar year, the first quarter (Q1) starts on January 1 and ends on March 31. The second quarter (Q2) goes through April 1 to June 30. The third quarter (Q3) is from July 1 to September 30, and the fourth quarter (Q4) is from October 1 to December 31. Q1 2021 is the abbreviation for the first quarter of 2021. What is the second quarter of 2021?

What does every quarter mean?

Every year has four quarters, so being on a quarterly basis means a certain event happens four times a year. The calendar year is divided into four quarters, which are often abbreviated as Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. The first quarter starts from January 1 and ends on the March 31. The second quarter is from the beginning of April to the end of June.

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