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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Queensland Academy of techonology?

Queensland Academy of Techonology - Nationally Accredited Courses and Training in Brisbane | QAT QAT is a well-established nationally accredited education and care training organisation providing qualifications in Business, Cookery and Hospitality, Early Childhood Education, English, and Short Courses. Skip to content +61 7 3002 0888

What is Qat school?

Established in 2006, our school is one of the top academic English language and vocational training schools in Brisbane, with a highly qualified team of industry experts working to provide our students with a quality education. Being a part of our QAT community means achieving more than you can dream of.

Why should I Choose Qat?

At QAT, students will not only leave with important life and job skills, but also great friendships. Our QAT community is an environment of cultural harmony, support and empowerment. This means students can be confident that they will receive the help and support they need to achieve academic success.

What makes QASMT so successful?

Underpinning our academic success is an outstanding pastoral care system supporting every student and helping each one to feel a vital part of the QASMT ‘family’. Student welfare is implemented through a Mentor Program ensuring all students achieve their potential.

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