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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Queensland's land clearing a threat to Australian plants and animals?

More than 1,800 species of Australian plants and animals are now threatened with extinction – and Queensland’s land clearing is a key threat for many. It can be hard to connect bulldozers clearing trees and the reality of what it does to the animals relying on them. So we cross-referenced the cleared land with threatened species distribution maps.

What happened to a 50-year-old Queensland woman?

A 50-year-old Queensland woman was arrested after she allegedly returned a 0.419 per cent blood alcohol reading following a two vehicle crash. Queensland Police said the blood alcohol reading was a “potentially lethal dose”. The woman’s licence was immediately suspended and she was charged with driving under the influence of liquor.

Did Queensland change course on youth crime?

Compare that statement with that of the police minister, Mark Ryan, in November last year, saying Queensland had changed course so dramatically on youth crime, that more children than ever were being held in state prisons and police cells.

Why are children in Queensland on remand?

Meanwhile, more than 80% of the children in detention in Queensland are on remand, a direct consequence of tightening bail laws. According to social workers, in some cases children are arrested for offences that might not ultimately result in detention, but they spend time in prison on remand because they were caught breaching bail conditions.

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