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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel around Queensland by train?

Travelling by train around Queensland is something you must do if you are spending time travelling around the beautiful part of Australia. QLD is lucky enough to have a variety of trains taking you all across the coast and outback. The trains are comfortable, easy and a great experience for any type of traveller from backpackers to families.

What is the Queensland Rail Travel fleet?

Contemporary, comfortable and designed for relaxation, the newest addition to the Queensland Rail Travel fleet has two dedicated RailBed Cars, a shared Club Car and three Premium Economy Seat Cars. The Tilt Train is fast becoming the most popular way to explore Queensland’s wealth of coastal destinations in comfort and style.

Are there public transport services in South-East Queensland?

[...] Find out about public transport services in south-east Queensland. More... Our long distance and interstate services give Queenslanders living in regional and remote areas easy access to essential services. We have contracts with ferry companies around Queensland.

What time does the Tilt Train start?

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat at 5.15am. Daily at 10.05am. Engineered for high speed the Tilt Trains offer a quick and convenient way to get your holidays off to a great start, commute for business or take that long awaited family visit. Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun at 11.00am. Tue & Sun at 4.55pm.

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