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Frequently Asked Questions

How is QuoteWizard rated?

QuoteWizard is a good choice for auto insurance because the company simply does a great job at saving people money. QuoteWizard is able to search within its large list of partner carriers and find cheaper rates, sometimes saving as much as 40%.

How does quote Wizard work?

QuoteWizard lets you compare insurance quotes from multiple providers. With comparisons available for categories such as health insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, auto insurance and life insurance, QuoteWizard works to give you an unbiased place to compare and weigh insurance policies.

What car insurance companies does QuoteWizard work with?

QuoteWizard offers car insurance policies from a huge stable of local and national providers. The company strives to only work with carriers who have the best reputation and highest financial ratings. Some of the auto insurance companies you can be connected with through QuoteWizard include Liberty Mutual, MetLife, Esurance, and AAA.

What is the dollar value of QuoteWizard premiums?

It is impossible to attach any specific dollar value to QuoteWizard premiums due to the fact that the company can connect customers to any one of a multitude of auto insurance carriers. However, the average user of QuoteWizard's matching service saves about $65 a month on their auto insurance.

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