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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best extended car warranties?

The best extended car warranty companies are Endurance, CARCHEX, CarShield, Protect My Car, and autopom! based on cost, coverage, reputation, & service. Content on Jalopnik Advisor is commercial in nature and independent of Jalopnik Editorial and Advertising.

What are the pros and cons of extended car warranties?

Here are the pros and cons of an extended car warranty: The Pros One of the main benefits of extended car coverage is that they can reduce repair costs after your factory warranty expires. Should you get into an accident or your vehicle breaks down, you won’t pay for anything that your plan covers.

How much do extended car warranties cost?

On average, extended car warranties cost around $750 a year, if not more. While extended warranties may initially save you money on auto repair bills, it’s smart to consider their long-term cost when weighing your options. First, think about the reliability of your vehicle.

What is the protection you get from an extended car warranty?

The benefits of an extended warranty include: Financial protection if your car breaks down: Extended auto warranties cover specific types of mechanical failure. If your car breaks down, you can visit any repair shop approved by the provider for repairs, and you typically only have to pay the deductible specified by your contract.

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