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Frequently Asked Questions

What is reanalysis?

Reanalysis a systematic approach to produce data sets for climate monitoring and research. Reanalyses are created via an unchanging ("frozen") data assimilation scheme and model (s) which ingest all available observations every 6-12 hours over the period being analyzed.

What is climate reanalysis?

Climate reanalysis. ECMWF periodically uses its forecast models and data assimilation systems to 'reanalyse' archived observations, creating global data sets describing the recent history of the atmosphere, land surface, and oceans. Reanalysis data are used for monitoring climate change, for research and education, and for commercial applications.

What are the limitations of reanalysis data?

Limitations and caveats of reanalysis data mainly result from: Lack of observations. The atmosphere is not now, nor ever has been, fully observed. Errors in the observations, and lack of information about those errors. Shortcomings in the assimilating model, and lack of information about model errors.

What is an oceanographic reanalysis?

An oceanographic reanalysis consists in modelling the state of the ocean over a long period of time (several years, decades) while correcting it with the best available past observations, obtained from satellite sensors (e.g. sentinel-3, jason2 etc...) or in-situ measurements (e.g. argo profiling floats, gliders etc..)

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