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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top Religion-News Story of the year?

Churches were always active in abortion debates, with some embracing centuries of doctrine on the sanctity of human life, while overs became strategic abortion-rights supporters. Thus, journalists in the Religion News Association named the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade as the year's top American religion-news story.

Is there scope for hate crimes in the name of religion?

There is no scope for hate crimes in the name of religion in a secular country like India. It has to be rooted out and it is the primary duty of the state to protect its citizens from any such crimes."

Are online events based on religion?

They were not, apparently, “based on any religion, just the word of God”, and those who attended the online events could share about how to “welcome the Lord’s return in the last days” and build a relationship with God free of “emptiness”.

Did you get a religious message on January 7?

A screenshot of a religious message received on January 7. Subsequent office discussions revealed these messages were widespread; dozens of colleagues reported receiving them since the start of the year, and online communities such as Scammer Check NZ were full of queries about who’s behind the mysterious online preaching.

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