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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wise to buy an used rental car?

One advantage of buying a used car from a rental car company is that they often come with a warranty of about one year, even cars that no longer qualify for the original manufacturer’s bumper-to-bumper warranty. Some rental car chains also offer a buy-back policy if you change your mind shortly after the sale.

Would you buy an used rental car?

The cheaper deal you are getting by buying a used rental car means that if you go to sell it in a few years it will be worth less than a comparable vehicle with the same amount of miles that was not a rental car. As long as you understand this upfront, you should be a-okay.

How do you purchase a rental car?

Do your homework. Even before setting your foot on a rental company’s lot to buy a used rental car, do some basic research on the particular model you’re considering. Go to sites like Kelley ...

Does Hertz still rent cars?

We offer renters a variety of cars suitable for any budget and occasion. When you rent a compact or economy car with Hertz, you can expect anything from a Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Impala or a similar vehicle. This is your go-to collection for everyday budget friendly and quality car rentals.

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