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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cash rewards program?

This card earns an unlimited 2% cash-back on every purchase when redeemed through the Cash Rewards program. It’s not difficult to access this rewards structure since you can use PayPal to pay for virtually anything you buy online. Even better, you’ll get 3% cash-back on all purchases made through PayPal! There’s rarely a welcome bonus.

What are credit card rewards?

Credit card rewards are an often-profitable way to earn a little bit extra from the purchases you make on your credit card. Whether you choose cash back, points or miles, rewards add up over time and help you pay for vacations or everyday expenses.

How do rewards work?

Every time you make a purchase with your card, you’ll earn a percentage back on your spending. The exact amount you’ll earn depends on your particular card’s terms. Those earnings are accumulated in your card’s rewards account and you can redeem the rewards according to your issuer’s requirements.

What are cash-back rewards credit cards?

Cash-back is the easiest type of reward to understand. That’s why many consumers and business owners gravitate towards cash-back. It’s something that they inherently grasp, so they like the idea of getting cash-back rewards. Historically, cash-back rewards credit cards have been relatively mediocre — the average card would boast 1% cash-back.

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