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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sanatorium and how does it work?

A sanatorium is a place to go when you're suffering or recuperating from a long illness. It was once common for tuberculosis patients to be treated at a sanatorium. In some parts of the world, including Russia and the Czech Republic, a sanatorium is more of a health spa, with the added benefit of available medical treatments.

What is a sanatoria medical facility?

Sanatoria were medical facilities that specialized in treatment for long-term illnesses. Many sanatoria in the United States specialized in treatment of tuberculosis in the twentieth century prior to the discovery of antibiotics.

How many people are in a sanatorium?

Each sanatorium was equipped to take care of about 120 people. The first sanatorium in the Pacific Northwest opened in Milwaukie Heights, Oregon in 1905, followed closely by the first state-owned TB hospital in Salem, Oregon, in 1910.

Is home treatment as effective as sanatorium treatment?

This demonstrated that treatment at home is as effective as sanatorium treatment, not only in the initial success rate but also in the subsequent relapse rate. 11 so long as drugs are taken regularly, a good diet, rest, and well ventilated accommodation are not essential to a good outcome;

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