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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Scentre Group worth?

Scentre Group currently has interests in total assets worth A$ 38.6 billion, owning 42 [5] shopping malls in Australia and New Zealand − with over 3.8 million square meters of retail space.

Who is the Scentre Group Executive Team?

History Executive team The Scentre Group executive team is headed by Elliott Rusanow as Chief Executive Officer and draws on deep expertise from within Scentre Group and the former Westfield Group as well as diverse experience from other organisations and sectors. Elliott Rusanow Chief Executive Officer

Where did the name Scentre Group come from?

Scentre Group has origins in the western suburbs of Sydney. The first development was named "Westfield Place", and opened in July 1959 in Blacktown. [6] The name Westfield is derived from "west" related to the West-Sydney location, and "field" due to having located on subdivided farmland. John Saunders and Frank Lowy opened the centre. [6]

What is the difference between Scentre Group and Westfield Corporation?

Scentre Group was created to own and manage the company's interests in Australia and New Zealand. Westfield Corporation owns and manages Westfield shopping centres in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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