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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best scroll saw accessories?

The Pegas Blade Clamps are a wildly popular upgrade for Jet, Seyco, Excalibur, Dewalt, Delta, Axminster, Carbatech and Excelsior Scroll Saws. Check the chart below for compatibility, or ask us. Check out this live video from the Iowa Scroll Saw and Woodworking Show in August 2018. We used water to demonstrate the decreased vibration.

What are some tips for using a scroll saw?

Here are some tips and tricks to follow as you learn how to use a scroll saw: Avoid putting too much pressure on the wood or the blade. Never have your fingers in line with the blade. They should always be on the side. Blades have a tendency to curve to the right, so keep an eye out and prepare yourself for this.

What are the different types of scroll saws?

We will share some different types of blades that you will use while operating the scroll saw. Generally, there are two main blades in terms of the mounting point. One is pin-end blades, and the second is plain-end blades. The models consisting of pin-end blades come with significant disadvantages.

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