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Frequently Asked Questions

What are typical kitchen size?

Homes under 2,000 square feet: average kitchen size, 195 square feetHomes 2,000 to 2,900 square feet: average kitchen size: 288 square feetHomes 3,000 square feet plus: average kitchen size 424 square feet

What is the typical class size?

What is the typical class size in your courses? First-year (100-level) and second-year (200-level) courses typically have 150-200 students. The lectures for these courses are taught by professors and are complemented by recitations and/or laboratories, taught by teaching assistants to smaller groups of about 30 students. Upper-division (300-level and 400-level) class size ranges from 20-30 students for special topics courses to 60-90 students in the most popular courses.

How do I calculate typical group size?

Convert both percentages into decimals. ...Multiply the decimals by the total products produced in each category. ...Add the two numbers that represent the percentages of products from each category together. ...Add the total amount of products produced from each category together. ...More items...

What are typical picture frame sizes?

What are typical picture frame sizes? Most Popular Picture Frame Sizes. 4×6 photos are the standard photo size and the most common for 35mm photography. The next size up from 4×6 is a 5×7 photo print. 8×10 photos are larger than 4×6 and 5×7 so they are typically used for group photos or portraits.

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