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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

The best boxing gloves for beginners are larger in size as they help protect against injury. As skill level increases, boxers usually feel safer using lighter weight gloves. Boxing gloves should feel comfortable but have a snug fit. Fingertips should rest near the top of the gloves with wrist wraps on. What size boxing gloves should you use?

Are boxing gloves gender specific?

Boxing gloves are not gender specific. Specific size depends on the individual, the size of their hands, and what they are using the gloves for, whether it’s training or fighting. Here are some typical size guidelines for gloves. What size boxing gloves should men use?

Where can I buy the Elite Pro style training gloves?

Sold by Yaopeing® and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. The Elite Pro Style Training Glove features a revolutionary one-piece design that optimizes fist placement and promotes natural range of motion. Built with closed cell foam technology for hand protection and grip cord for extra gripping power.

What are punchers gloves?

These pair of gloves are known as Punchers Gloves. The padding is a combination of Horse hair and Foam. They have been used in high profile and World Title Fights in USA, EUROPE, JAPAN, KOREA, AUSTRALIA and DUBAI for now over 3 years. They have a track record of keeping fighters hands safe, while delivering Knock Out Punches.

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