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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of substantially?

Substantially is a good word to know any time you want to establish something's extent. It basically suggests "a large part." Your raise made your life substantially easier. The word also suggests an essential nature, as in "Nothing was substantially changed by the new law."

What are some synonyms for substantially?

substance P, substandard, substantial, substantialism, substantialize, substantially, substantia nigra, substantiate, substantiated, substantiation, substantival Lack of movement, the group says, as the commute between our bed, our desk and the fridge while we wait for the pandemic to pass is substantially smaller than our pre-covid routines.

How can you use substantially in a sentence?

in a basic or essential way; fundamentally: The new law mandates equal pay for substantially similar work, whether at the same establishment or not. in a solid or firm way; stoutly or sturdily: In the far north, homes take more fuel to heat and also have to be built more substantially.

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