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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of suspension repair?

Your suspension repair has several components that may need replacing. Some of these include ball joints, shocks, springs and struts, control arm, sway bar and suspension bushings. To distinguish which type of suspension repair you require, we'll outline a few common problems to look for. We'll also see what the average suspension repair cost is.

What are the different types of steering and suspension services?

Nearly all vehicles today come with power steering, but if this system fails, it quickly becomes a safety issue. Typical steering and suspension services include wheel alignments, shock and strut repair and front and/or rear suspension repair.

How do I Fix my steering and suspension problem?

The first step in solving your steering and suspension problem is diagnosing your vehicle. During a Complete Vehicle Inspection, our tire and auto service professionals will inspect all major systems in your car, including the steering and suspension. We’ll assess the state of your car’s chassis parts including:

Why do I need to replace my suspension?

Other items such as guide bushings, o-rings, dust and oil seals will also wear over time; these parts should be replaced to keep your suspension working in optimal condition. As oil breaks down its lubrication properties begin to go away. With a lack of lubrication your suspension components are wearing out.

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