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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sydney McLaughlin’s 400m hurdles at the 2022 World Championships go down in history?

It’s not hyperbole to say that Sydney McLaughlin ‘s 400m hurdles final at the 2022 World Championships will go down as one the most impressive performances in track and field history.

How much did Sydney McLaughlin get paid for the Olympics?

Sydney McLaughlin, who won the final of the women’s 400-meter hurdles, also received a sizable $100,000 bonus. Her’s, too. After the medals ceremony, World Athletics President Seb Coe presented McLaughlin with a check for $100,000 — the bonus for anyone who sets a world mark at this meet. “Honestly, I just wanted to run and go for it,” she said.

What is Sydney McLaughlin's world record in track and field?

McLaughlin then set another world record and won gold with a run of 51.46 seconds at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Sydney Mclaughlin celebrates her victory with her gold medal.

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