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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sydney Sweeney from 'euphoria'?

Sydney Sweeney is known for playing the emotional Cassie Howard on HBO's Euphoria, but there's much more to the actor than that. Sydney Sweeney is best known for her breakout role on HBO's Euphoria, where she stars as the emotional Cassie Howard.

Who is Sydney Sweeney's 'euphoria' character Cassie Howard?

Sydney Sweeney has talked about her character Cassie Howard on the smash hit show Euphoria. The star told Teen Vogue this week that Cassie has been searching for true love as she is seen in those headline-making love scenes with co-star Jacob Elordi.

Why did Sweeney not audition for Euphoria?

Sweeney was initially told that Euphoria ‘s casting director didn’t think she was right for the role of Cassie — a sweet, popular girl whose insecurities and daddy issues drive her into the arms of boys at school — and that she shouldn’t bother coming in to audition.

How old is Jessica Sweeney in real life?

Despite playing a teenager figuring life out and making questionable decisions on TV, Sweeney has a pretty impressive resume at only 24 years old in her real life. Not only is she an actor, but Sweeney has many hobbies that focus on her athleticism, as well as her own business ventures.

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