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Frequently Asked Questions

When does target restock PS5?

Target PS5 Restock Likely – April 7 or 8. The Target PS5 stock levels have been rising for two weeks now, so the retailer must drop the consoles soon! Last week, restocks expert Jake Randall predicted that Target would hold a PS5 restock. This was because most Target stores had around 20-30 PS5 consoles in stock ready to sell.

Will target be restocking PS5?

The restock guru has usually been very accurate regarding possible current-gen drops. However, they have also suggested that Target could be holding on to the inventory for an even bigger PS5 restock.

Does target sell PS5?

Walmart, Best Buy and Target and Sony PlayStation Direct always have the PS5 for sale at MSRP, while GameStop and Antonline have easier-to-cart bundles at a higher price but at face value for...

When is PS5 back in stock?

The PS5 restock is set for November 12, 2020, the launch day of the PlayStation 5. Pre-orders have now all been placed, with further stock of the PS5 arriving for its release date, where customers will be able to purchase the hardware when it goes on sale. Here’s what it’s availability is looking like across US retailers:

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