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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Tarocash?

Tarocash was founded in 1987 by brothers Stephen and Michael Leibowitz, who brought with them a family heritage of menswear retailing from South Africa. They began supplying menswear to retail outlets across Australia and quickly realised that Australian men were in desperate need of their own coordinated range of smart-casual clothing.

What is the difference between Tarocash and Connor?

Tarocash is the main retailer of affordable suits for millennial and Generation Z consumers in Australia, but is often ridiculed for its cheap polyester clothing. [4] Connor is a menswear chain selling format, smart and casual clothing at affordable prices established in 2007. [1] There are 172 Connor stores in Australia. [5]

How many rockwear stores are there in Australia?

Today we have over 500 stores in Australia and New Zealand and 5 very successful brands. Each of our 4 Menswear brands has broad appeal to both the value and mid-market segments and sells dressy, smart casual and casual merchandise. Rockwear offers our female customers superb value on-trend athleisurewear

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